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Warning Signs You’re Attached to Sales Outcomes

Do you have a hard time detaching from selling outcomes?

Have you ever been so emotional involved in a sale that the disappointment of losing it caused you to want to quit?

Have you ever found yourself leaving a conversation with a customer or prospects feeling drained or even worse, exhausted?

Chances are you’re attached to controlling the outcome of the sale or controlling the conversation with your customer and prospect.

Here’s Why You Need to Detach From Selling Outcomes to Win More

According to Keith Rosen, (source click here) below are a few examples how sales people are attached to specific outcomes.

Do you make these mistakes in the selling conversation? 
  • The need to prove your point/understood.
  • The need to look good and be right.
  • The need to not look bad or be wrong.
  • The need to achieve your agenda
  • The need to have others agree with you.
Here are the warning signs you’re too attached.
  • You repeat yourself and repeatedly stress a point.
  • You begin to push in order for someone to see it your way.
  • You gather evidence to support your point even further.
  • Your ego is in the way.
  • Or you get so frustrated you retreat quickly and end the conversation abruptly.

As a result, the conversation takes on the form of a struggle and power grab to control the outcome. When this happens it will hamper your ability to see new possibilities and opportunities. It limits your creativity. Your listening skills are greatly compromised which in turn minimizes the other person’s contribution to the conversation and point of view. Suddenly, you are unable to be flexible and alignment with the other person is not possible. It becomes all about you and your agenda.

Attachments are about fear and controlling other people and situations. In order to prevent this, you must let go of all expectations and focus only on the person in front of you. When focusing on the other person, you’re able to see possibilities instead of being stuck on your rigid outcomes.

Detaching yourself from the sale takes a conscious effort and awareness. It may be so ingrained in you, you’re not even aware you’re attached. Next time you walk away from a meeting, or conversation whether it’s personal or business, with an emotional drained feeling, replay the situation in your mind. See if you can pinpoint the attachments. See if you can recognize the warning signs. See if you detect the times you were hell bent on the other person agreeing with your position.

The more you do this detachment exercise, the more your awareness will increase until you’re able to detach from the outcome and can focus totally on the person in front of you.

In sales, it’s all about alignment with the prospect and customer. Detachment creates an opportunity for you to discover possibilities to help and align with the customer. You can’t be open to possibilities when you’re only focused on having it your way. If that’s the case…go to Burger King…they’ll make it your way!

Remember, possibilities are happening now. Expectations are future results. Live in possibilities not expectations, and detachment from outcomes will become much easier.

Side Note: Keith Rosen is a very good blog source for you to follow. His common sense, no fluff advice is effective and real. I have no affiliation with him, but I personally follow Keith and…you know me…always trying to bring you the people that can help you the best! Christine smiley face (1)

















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