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Relationship selling is dead! You heard me right! In this video, I’d like you to consider a different way of selling. A way that’s more aligned with today’s buyer. Because Buyers have changed the way they buy. Do you know how they’ve changed? Watch this video. You’ll find it helpful.

How far will you go to live your dream? Would you be willing to live homeless for it? This man did for 3 long years. Watch and learn how he created his dream come true!


Why get up at 5:00 am? Does it seem impossible for you? Find out how waking up early can set your day up for success, put you in the right mindset to sell successfully, and it all starts at 5:00 am! Watch and find out why!

When selling are you passive, aggressive or assertive. Find out now!

In this video, you’ll learn one effective tip on how to get the buyer’s attention. If you’re frustrated with buyers that don’t buy, then this video is for you! I tell a personal story in this video about a buyer that frustrated the heck out of me!

Assumptions Are Bad for Your Sales and Business


Common Objection and How to Answer

The Best Series is all the best way to sell! Whether it’s overcoming call reluctance or the best way to position product benefits. I’ll be adding to this series each month.

In this video series, you’ll learn the #1TRAIT of successful salespeople and how to be a Peak Performer in sales.

Learn how to cold call the right way in this video series! You’ll learn scripts that I personally use and so do my clients. Cold calling is a productive means of prospecting. If you’re somewhat fearful of cold calling, it’s because you haven’t developed your competency around it. Competency=confidence!

Imagine walking into the buyer’s office and the buyer’s current vendor is there for the meeting! Has this ever happened to you? It’s never happened to me, but it did happen to one of my clients! My client Bri Wilson, shared her news and my mouth hit the floor!
Learn 4 steps on How to persuade a buyer to change.

Today, I’d like to share with you something I wish I would have known 20 years ago! It’s an exercise all my new clients do. And its a simple but powerful question, Learn in this video how to solve issues you may have in selling.

Do you shy away from calling prospects because your afraid you’ll embarrass yourself? Do you make prospecting calls while driving in between sales appointments? Can you truly have an effective sales conversation, listening and responding while driving?
How many times have you driven into a dead zone, your cell phone disconnects and you try to call the prospect back and get their voice mail? In this video learn 5 strategies on making effective prospecting phone calls, so you don’t have another embarrassing phone call!
Here’s the Boston Globe article: I mentioned in the video.

Here’s a question…What is selling? I asked that question to an audience of 30 salespeople. The answers I got were astounding. Watch the video and learn What is Selling and the 3 basic elements of selling. There’s an exercise too! –

This Savvy Sales Minute is all about my favorite past time…reading! And there’s plenty of research to support why reading is good for your mental health. Watch and learn why it’s important for your sales life


Selling Hack #2 is analyze the activities that bring you the best results and then apply the 80-20 principle. This is something I do on every week. I’m always analyzing my numbers and you’ll want to do the same. Watch and learn my selling hack #2.