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Powerful Word Choices For Closing More Sales. Learn 3 Tips Below

Way back when in my college days, a psychology class experiment proved a point about the subconscious mind. The professor asked us to close our eyes and imagine eating a lemon. As he described the act of eating the lemon, he instructed us to imagine the smell of the lemon and the sour taste of […]

When a Buyer says no

When a Buyer Says “no”..Learn the Five Hidden Meanings

When a buyer says “no” is that it?  Does he mean “no” or is he simply hiding the real reason from you? Consider this…many times a closing opportunity is missed because of assumptions….even when the buyer says “no.” Salespeople accept the ‘no’ response without even so much as an inquiry into why the buyer made […]

Objections Are a Nice Way to Say No… Right?

  “Let me think about it.” “Now’s not the right time.” “So to have the test done it’s going to cost another $150? I don’t think I really need it” “Maybe after the first of the year” “I’ve been with my insurance agent for years.” “We don’t have it in our budget this year.” “We’ve […]

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