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Cold Calling Playlist

Essentials of Cold Calling. Improve Your Cold Calling Results.

Cold Calling Learn How to Improve Cold Calling Results Are you struggling with prospecting? To be more specific are you lousy at Cold Calling? Here is a playlist of Prospecting and Cold Calling Videos that are certain to help improve your results! These are the essentials I use everyday…and I’m very good at it too! […]

The Rapport Key to Qualifying Prospects

Rapport is often a misunderstood component during the sales process. It’s become sales babble that’s frankly overused. And most sales professionals build rapport the same way. Thus the prospect knows exactly what you’ll say and do, the minute you call him or sit down across from him. Yes…it’s become that old and predictable. Be different […]

4 Seconds to Establish You’re Worth Listening To!

That’s right! Only 4 Seconds to establish you’re worth listening to! Scientist believe that our decision making process has been hard wired into our brain since the cave man days. When faced with danger stand your ground and fight or run as hard as you can, away from danger. Prospects may have the same fight or […]

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