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Is this a brush off?

“Not Now” Objection. Is this a brush off? Read to Find Out!

Pat Pendergast, one of my LinkedIn connections, shared a video story on LinkedIn about the “not now” objection. And it reminded me of my own“not now” story that I’d like to share with you. How many times have you heard this from the prospect… ”not now”  “It’s not the right time” “why don’t you get back […]

Are you a half smart sales person?

Are You a Half Smart Salesperson? Read to Find Out More

Have you ever tried getting your prospects attention by being smart or clever in an email? It can work if you’re a smart salesperson and clever enough to come up with something that also sells. Most cases….it comes across as “trying” to be smart and clever..or worse, just another typical generic (vanilla) email. There’s a […]

3 Clever Tips the Sales Pro’s Use for Successful Cold Call Follow Up

One of the most courageous and…let’s face it…insane things you do as a sales pro is make cold calls. At least…cold calling can feel insane at times. Why is it insane? Because you’re trying to have a meaningful, professional conversation with a total stranger…over the phone. You’ve interrupted his busy day, so you have 5 […]

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