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Homeless to Famous. How to Live the Dream. You Can Too!

Would you live homeless for 3 years to pursue your dream? That’s what Steve did. He lived in his car for 3 long years. Steve was in his late 20’s when he left his job as an insurance agent to pursue his dream of being on television. No, he didn’t have a bank full of […]

Take Back Control of your thoughts

How to Take Control of Your Thoughts and Live Your Potential

Thoughts! So many times in my coaching sessions I hear I should have done this Or I should have done that…. Thoughts of living in regret mean you’re living in the past. What happened yesterday is over and you can’t change it or bring it back. What happened just a moment ago is “poof” gone! I’m […]

You’re 20 Success Habits Away from Sales Success

“I’m good” was the answered received to the question, “How much sales training have you had?” Jake, a local sales manager called me for advice when he stepped into a new role with a new company. Most of his sales team replied, “I’m good” when he asked the question “How much sales training have you […]

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