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All But One Sales Objection Boils Down to This

All But One Sales Objection Boils Down to This

The most asked questions I receive revolve around sales objections. Salespeople search high and low for the perfect response to a sales objection that will somehow magically transform the no into a yes. All But One Sales Objection Boils Down to This. First, the one sales objection that’s doesn’t fall under this is money. When […]

Is this a brush off?

“Not Now” Objection. Is this a brush off? Read to Find Out!

Pat Pendergast, one of my LinkedIn connections, shared a video story on LinkedIn about the “not now” objection. And it reminded me of my own“not now” story that I’d like to share with you. How many times have you heard this from the prospect… ”not now”  “It’s not the right time” “why don’t you get back […]

When a Buyer says no

When a Buyer Says “no”..Learn the Five Hidden Meanings

When a buyer says “no” is that it?  Does he mean “no” or is he simply hiding the real reason from you? Consider this…many times a closing opportunity is missed because of assumptions….even when the buyer says “no.” Salespeople accept the ‘no’ response without even so much as an inquiry into why the buyer made […]

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