Sales Coach Christine Harrington
How Develop Sales Insight for Peak Performance

How to Develop Sales Insight For Peak Performance

“Insight is the ability to see and understand why you do the things you do. Insight is the number one key to change because you cannot change what you will not acknowledge.” – Dr. Phil    Do you fall into the pattern of an unwillingness to acknowledge what you’re currently doing just doesn’t work? Or […]

New Frontier of Selling

New Frontier of Selling. Discover What it is. Read Below!

New Frontier of Selling. If selling is only about learning a sales process, then why aren’t all sales people top performers? How many times have you searched for new information on selling, or a better way to prospect, close sales, or the magic words? Here’s a mind blowing statistic: 44% of Sales people give up […]


Have a Peak Performance Mindset to Boost Sales. Here’s How.

Indiana weather is one of those anomalies of nature. The day begins sunny and 73 degrees, and by nightfall it’s dropped to 31 degrees with spitting snow. Weather in Indiana is unpredictable. And you’d think after living in this crazy weather state most of my life, I’d be prepared for the unpredictable weather. The story […]