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Are you aware of red flags

Are You Aware of Red Flags when Prospecting? What are They and How to See the Hazards

Before I begin telling you how to spot red flags, it’s first important for you to know, I can be dumber than a box of rocks. And I’m known to repeat the same stupid mistakes over and over. The most important thing I’ve learned through my sales mistakes is how to spot red flags. It […]

Closing Deals

Are You a Seller or a Closer? There are 6 Signs. Find Out Below

The sales profession is one of the largest careers in the world. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, (source), 13,715,050 people are in sales and sales-related occupations in the USA. 4.3% of the population is in sales! The people in the sales profession though do not have the same ability or even willingness to do […]

7 Unanticipated Questions to Ask Prospects

The 21st-century salesperson (if worth one’s salt) knows sales is about asking questions and listening to what the buyer has to say. Hopefully, long gone is the 20th century pushy, snake oil salesman. With that said, listening is key but it’s not the only key to build trust with the buyer. Here is an important way […]

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