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One Important Step to Goal Achievement

Last week’s article was the highest clicked on and read article since the inception of Sales Pearls in 2014! It struck a nerve and curiosity which resulted in a flurry of emails to me. If you missed it, click here. Some people agreed. Some didn’t. Some simply said it caused them to think deeper. Gwen […]

3 Common Mistakes Salespeople Make

Is Your Selling Aim Off? 3 Common Mistakes Salespeople Make… Consistently

Is your selling aim off? Are you struggling to hit your sales target? Read on for the 3 Common Mistakes Salespeople Make…..Consistently! Just about every single day this week, I was asked the same question but in a different way…. If there were three things you’d instill in my sales team, what would it be? […]

Best Visual Sales Tool

Best Visual Sales Tool. It’s not Techy. It works!

Best Visual Sales Tool How many times have you looked for a way, a system, or an App to be more efficient on the job? Perhaps you’re an avid Salesforce user like me, or maybe you prefer a simpler method to organize your work. Believe it or not, there are still people in this world […]

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