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Homeless to Famous. How to Live the Dream. You Can Too!

Would you live homeless for 3 years to pursue your dream? That’s what Steve did. He lived in his car for 3 long years. Steve was in his late 20’s when he left his job as an insurance agent to pursue his dream of being on television. No, he didn’t have a bank full of […]

3 Common Mistakes Salespeople Make

Is Your Selling Aim Off? 3 Common Mistakes Salespeople Make… Consistently

Is your selling aim off? Are you struggling to hit your sales target? Read on for the 3 Common Mistakes Salespeople Make…..Consistently! Just about every single day this week, I was asked the same question but in a different way…. If there were three things you’d instill in my sales team, what would it be? […]

Failure at Sales. Are You Really?

How many times have you said to yourself, “I’m a failure at Sales”? I say, Are You Really? Or you go for a goal with all the gusto within you and the results are dismal. I received a concern from Ray about this very subject. Ray completed the “Get to Know ME form in my […]

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