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What’s Your Bedtime…Time? Do You Suffer from Sleep Deficit?

If you’re a type A personality you may be saying to yourself, “who’s she kidding, I’ll sleep when I’m dead” Well you should consider sleeping at least 7 hours a night, and here’s why. In Greg McKeown’s book “essentialism”, he talks about shattering the sleep stigma. Over achievers for decades have bought into the false belief […]

5 Common Rookie Sales Mistakes

This started out as a YouTube Video. As I was writing the script, I realized it’s good information to help people that are new in the selling world, and for the seasoned sales pro too. So whether you’re new to selling or a seasoned pro, all levels can benefit from this article. If you’re new at […]

Rules For Successful Communication with Free Resource

Everyone wants to believe his words matter. It’s only human nature to want to believe, even when it’s not true. Exam your message and your words in selling. What’s the intent behind them? Do you know the Rules for Successful Communication? “It’s not what you say that matters, it’s what they hear…” This is a […]

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