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Who are You? I’d Like to Learn More About You. Email Me

Today’s article is an unusual one. It comes out of a sincere effort to learn more about you, the reader, in order to help you. It’s occurred to me more than once that I have no idea who you are. That’s the problem with social media…you know what I let you see about me, but […]

Sales Trend

A Disturbing Sales Trend. Is This You and What You Can do About It!

For some time now, I’ve been watching a disturbing sales trend. It shows up in the majority of sales teams and in my private coaching practice. It shows up in questions I receive through emails and private messages from followers in social media. It shows up in products I’m trying to purchase! As a buyer, […]

Social Media. Should You? Read Before You Dismiss This Article.

Before you dismiss this article on social media as one you don’t need to read…think again…because this article applies to you. I hear from so many people… “I don’t need to do social media..I’m not _____” (fill in the blank)…you know the lame story you tell yourself. Why am I on Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter […]

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