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Workshops are key in improving sales competencies, and deeper thought-provoking debates to challenge old limited beliefs. We offer full day or half day workshops for large and small groups. Below is a list of workshops to choose from.

One on One Coaching

We arrange a coaching package based on your specific needs. This is not a cookie cutter coaching methodology. Just like each salesperson on your team is unique, so is the coaching we design for each person on your team. The packages are weekly sessions for one hour in duration. We also offer individual coaching for the serious salesperson that has the commitment to achieve their full potential.

Long View Coaching

This coaching is tailored around the individual's growth needs in both selling and mindset. It requires a commitment to hard work, accountability, and structure. The duration of this coaching is one session per month for 12 months. This choice is perfect for the sale manager or business owner who has a new sales team or a struggling team.

On-site Training

We come to you and work with your team as a group and one on one. This requires a 6-month commitment to a program designed exclusively for your team. This choice includes two full or half day workshops.

WorkShop Categories

Mindset Workshop
It’s unique. Your salespeople will become highly aware of and be able to harness the power of their “Inner CEO” – what science reveals as the key center of the brain that regulates and improves what we do daily. Participants will be lead on a journey of discovery where they will learn how to take 12 proven steps that will help them create and maintain a peak performance mindset – and improve sales performance.
Sales Intelligence Workshop
Sales Intelligence is the science of mindset combined with sales education. Many salespeople are under the illusion if they work harder, they'll sell more. This workshop targets two critical skills that are not being taught in sales training today. We walk the salesperson through the process from basic selling to becoming a better alternative for the prospect. Learning how to deepen conversations to solve problems instead of selling a product.
Relentless Leadership Workshop
Leadership should be a relentless pursuit no matter if you're in a leadership role or not. Leaders take responsibility in every area of their life. Leading by example is a given. This gets to the core of what sets people apart and how you can learn leadership skills that can take you anywhere in life and especially in business.
Communication Workshop
There's a way to communicate that opens a person up or closes the person down. There are various skills and nuances in communicating that cause people to want to listen to you. This workshop is valuable for every person in the workforce and in your personal life. Learn the keys to effective communication.


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