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Your sales path starts with having better conversations. Sales Intelligence goes beyond chasing the easy sale. That's how amateur salespeople approach selling. To be a sales professional, it's necessary to learn higher level skills. Being a better alternative, as your sales path, is approaching the prospect by "solving problems with them", instead of "selling products or services to them".  Right now, you have prospects with business problems to solve but are uncertain how to approach it. Sales Intelligence leads the prospect down the path of resolving their problems. Being a better alternative focuses on learning how to facilitate change so the prospect doesn't feel at risk. What sales path will you choose? If you choose nothing, then expect the same results.

Listening Difference

The typical salesperson's mindset: "listen for the buying cues." The Sales Intelligence Professional's mindset: "listen for the gaps to uncover problems areas. Evaluate with the prospect if it makes sense to put in the time and resources to solve."

Value Difference

The typical salesperson will eagerly sell on price while throwing in resources and gifts. The Sales Intelligence Professional is the value. They understand in order to be valuable it requires conversations, and problem-solving abilities to reduce the risk of disruption so the prospect can make an informed decision.

Communication Difference

The typical salesperson talks through a sales presentation and opens up questions afterward. The Sales Intelligence Professional opens up a conversation with the prospect not relying on agendas or presentations. The conversation is the path by asking thoughtful questions that create a struggle in the prospect's mind causing deeper and more complete answers. The struggle is a positive sign that evolves into change. Sales Intelligence is knowing when you should create a struggle to facilitate change to solve a problem. That's how you become a better alternative.


If you're ready to learn how positive struggle can help create change in your prospects, let's have a conversation.

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