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Out of the Ordinary in Sales Comes the Extraordinary

“Our Perfection does not consist of doing extraordinary things, but to do the ordinary well.” –St. Gabriel Possent Out of the Ordinary in Sales Comes the Extraordinary In pursuit of the extraordinary often the everyday ordinary activities are considered unimportant. There is this prevailing theme to GO BIG or GO HOME. Another one is to hustle 24/7…as if working 16 hour days is a badge of success. You might need to work 16 hour days for a short period of time. You may need to Go Big on a certain project. These examples are the exception rather than the norm.  Doing the ordinary activities to the best of your ability, day in and day out will produce extraordinary results sooner…faster.  Here’s why: In my years coaching sales people of all experience levels, backgrounds and mindsets…I find two distinctions. Those that structure their day for success and those that let the day structure them. Guess which sales person is more successful and producing extraordinary results sooner and faster? Of course, it’s the sales person who structures his/her day. When you arrive at your corporate office or home office, how many times have you checked your smartphone to answer emails, send text […]


The Rapport Key to Qualifying Prospects

Rapport is often a misunderstood component during the sales process. It’s become sales babble that’s frankly overused. And most sales professionals build rapport the same way. Thus the prospect knows exactly what you’ll say and do, the minute you call him or sit down across from him. Yes…it’s become that old and predictable. Be different and here’s how! The Rapport Key to Qualifying Prospects Rapport is more than commenting on the prospects family pictures displayed across the office wall or trying to connect by looking for one thing that you and the prospect have in common. I know…we’ve all been taught to do this. AND every sales person that steps into the prospects office does the same thing. Rapport is very important for qualifying prospects. Without it, your prospect will simply refuse to open up. That’s why rapport building is one of the key components in qualifying prospects. RAPPORT: The Sales Definition “To capture and keep someone’s attention and interest, on a conscious and unconscious level.” When creating rapport, the unconscious message that’s being sent is “I care about you.” “I’m just like you.” Rapport is created when people associate with other people of the same commonality. For example, couples […]


4 Seconds to Establish You’re Worth Listening To as a Sales Professional

That’s right! 4 Seconds…That’s It! Scientist believe that our decision making process has been hard wired into our brain since the cave man days. When faced with danger stand your ground and fight or run as hard as you can, away from danger. Prospects may have the same fight or flight reaction when having a close encounter of the salesperson kind! Just like the caveman, the prospect’s brain reacts just as quickly. As a salesperson, you have exactly 4 seconds to make a good impression when cold calling a prospect. 4 SECONDS…That’s It! You may be asking yourself, what can I do in only 4 seconds to make a positive impression so the prospect doesn’t hang up. ESTABLISH YOU’RE WORTH LISTENING TO AS A SALES PROFESSIONAL. Here are the 3 characteristics you’ll need in order to be perceived as a Sales Professional worth listening too. You’re sharp as a razor You’re enthusiastic You’re an expert in your industry How can you establish this in 4 seconds….easily. Think back at a time when you were in a business meeting. In strolls the top producer. She’s enters with confidence, (sharp as a razor). A broad smile on her face as she enthusiastically […]

Sell the problem you solve

Sell the Problem You Solve Not Your Product.

“When you sell a man a book you don’t sell just twelve ounces of paper and ink and glue – you sell him a whole new life. Love and friendship and humour and ships at sea by night – there’s all heaven and earth in a book, a real book.” – Christopher Morley “Don’t sell life insurance. Sell what life insurance can do.” – Ben Feldman “It isn’t that they can’t see the solution. It’s that they can’t see the problem.” – G K Chesterton Sell the Problem You Solve Not Your Product. What do the above quotes have in common? The focus is on selling the solution instead of selling a product. And what do most salespeople lead with? A presentation focused on their product. It’s not the sales persons fault. It’s more than likely forced upon them by their employer. BUT… what do salespeople do during a presentation….most of the talking, instead of listening. A high performance salesperson asks good, pointed questions (probing) to uncover problems and needs. In the classic sales presentation, the salesperson actually listens 65% of the time and talks only 35% of the time. The vast majority of salespeople talk 80% of the time and only listen 20% […]


Why My Pantyhose are in a Twist. Closed Mindsets.

I hate a closed mindset. If you resist trying something new, this article is for you. I’m ok if you ask my advice and I suggest something you’ve already tried and it didn’t work. Kudos to you for trying. What I can’t stand is when you ask my advice, have never tried it but you’re convinced it won’t work… for you. That’s being closed-minded. That’s Why My Pantyhose are in a Twist. Closed Mindsets.  Every week, I receive phone calls, emails or social media messages, asking different “what if” or “how to” questions from sales people. And there’s always one in the bunch that has a closed mind to every suggestion. When I ask back.. ”Have you ever tried this” the answer is NO. Then I follow with, “have you ever heard of this suggestion” and the answer is NO. BUT YET the next thing I hear is… ”But Christine, my situation is different.” Dude…we all think our situations are different, special and like no one else. You’re living in a closed mindset. As a kid, I’d try whatever anyone suggested when I wanted to succeed at something. I played trumpet. Lived for trumpet. Loved playing trumpet. My private teacher was […]


Social Media. Should You? Read Before You Dismiss This Article.

Before you dismiss this article on social media as one you don’t need to read…think again…because this article applies to you. I hear from so many people… “I don’t need to do social media..I’m not _____” (fill in the blank)…you know the lame story you tell yourself. Why am I on Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook? It may surprise you as to why. And it may also surprise you to learn; I’ve been on social media for only a couple of years. But I’m glad I finally came around. It took me two years to learn what I now know about LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, & Instagram. I’m still learning about Facebook. I haven’t cracked that nut yet…but I will. So why spend so much of my time learning social media? Because it’s another tool I can use in my business to gain exposure. I don’t sell…I tell a story. Here’s the Social Media Scoop! Social media is not a get rich quick strategy that so many 20 year olds with no real experience claim they can teach. Yes, the snake oil salesman is younger and in different clothes selling their gimmicks. Those that got on the social media bandwagon […]


4 Myths of Networking

While still in college, a young man who studying computer science was obsessed with comedy. He performed in small comedy clubs around the college he attended. The young college student interned in NY alt-weekly and his boss passed on his audition tape to Randi Siegel. When she called the young college student, he said, “I know you.” And proceeded to tell her all that he knew. So impressed with his vast knowledge of the comedy industry she agreed to take him on as a client that lead him to two auditions and a part on SNL. Do you know who networked his way into SNL? So after this young man networked his way into SNL. He didn’t stop there. After every SNL show, he thanked Lorne Michaels for the show. After he left SNL he flopped at a few movies, but continued to network…Jay Leno told Men’s Journal. “Most people in show business think they know everything. They don’t really listen to the other person. They just wait for the other person to stop talking. Respectful is the best word I can use for Jimmy Fallon” Yes, it was Jimmy Fallon who networked himself into SNL and The Tonight Show. Myth 1 […]

5 second rule (2)


THE AWKWARD SILENCE. Yes, the subject came up again just last week, during a client’s first session. “Christine, when there’s a lag in the conversation, I usually start talking to fill the void so the prospect doesn’t feel uncomfortable.” Me: ‘What makes you think the prospect feels uncomfortable?’ “Well, if I’m feeling that way, I assume he must too.” Me: “WHY?” “I mean, shouldn’t I keep the conservation moving?” Me: ‘How can you tell he finished his thought.’ “Well…because he stopped talking.” Me: “Don’t you pause to gather your thoughts?” The Light Bulb went on. THE 5 SECOND SALES RULE NO ONE TALKS ABOUT This is one of the most important sales communication tool to learn. The awkwardness of silence was probably singed into your memory banks somewhere back in junior high at a class dance. Boy sees girl sitting alone at a class dance. Boy nervously asks girl “wanna dance?” Girl says anxiously, “sure.” Boy and girl dance never looking at each other or saying a word. The music stops so boy walks girl back to her chair, and sits down next to her. Boy fiddles with his shoestrings not sure about what to say or do. Girl fidgets with her hair not […]

How to move a no to a yes

How to Move a No to a Yes!

Let’s face it…there are only a handful of reasons why buyers don’t buy…. No Trust No Money No Time No Urgency No Need HOW TO MOVE A NO TO YES! What is the buyer really saying “no” too? How you frame your question could be one reason why your getting a “NO” response. You see there is a psychology to selling and words matter. Are you selling to your needs or to the buyers needs? AND . Whenever you’re offering a “change” the buyer always processes that as CHANGE PAIN! The thoughts tumbling around in their brain sounds like this…. “I don’t know this guy or his company” “It may not workout which will cause the company loss in revenue.” “I don’t have time to change.” “I’ve seen this rodeo before.” “We’ll have to get others on board, and that’s not easy.” So the prospects “automatic response” to you is… “I’m happy with my current vendor.” Here’s how to answer Miss Buyer. “Miss Buyer, I’m glad you’re happy. Wouldn’t you agree in business, it’s good to have options.”? Usually, you’ll receive a “yes’ response…Then follow with, “That’s all I’m really offering to you.” Understand this… Do these two things to ease the Change Pain. Empathize […]


The Critical Follow Up Window of Opportunity

You’re sitting in front of the prospect closing the deal and he throws the ‘ol “I need to think about it” objection. What’s your typical response? “Let’s talk about it. Perhaps I can answer your concerns now?” And the prospect states the same objection again, “I just need to mull it over. I never say yes right away.” What do you say? Here’s what I hear back from well intention sales people….. “Christine….When should I follow up? Should I give the prospect a week, two weeks?” The answer is NO… There’s a critical follow up window of opportunity, and following up after a week or two…well…you’ve lost the sale. Selling is tempering the buyers’ battle between emotion and logic. The buyer’s objections are speaking through his logical mind, BUT he buys from his emotional mind. There’s an internal tug of war going on inside of him between his logical mind and emotional mind. What side wins is determined by your follow up window of opportunity. The Critical Follow Up Window of Opportunity The answer is you have less than 48 hours to follow up. That’s right…two days. Every hour after you’ve left the prospects office, the emotional mind diffuses and […]