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5 second rule (2)


THE AWKWARD SILENCE. Yes, the subject came up again just last week, during a client’s first session. “Christine, when there’s a lag in the conversation, I usually start talking to fill the void so the prospect doesn’t feel uncomfortable.” Me: ‘What makes you think the prospect feels uncomfortable?’ “Well, if I’m feeling that way, I assume he must too.” Me: “WHY?” “I mean, shouldn’t I keep the conservation moving?” Me: ‘How can you tell he finished his thought.’ “Well…because he stopped talking.” Me: “Don’t you pause to gather your thoughts?” The Light Bulb went on. THE 5 SECOND SALES RULE NO ONE TALKS ABOUT This is one of the most important sales communication tool to learn. The awkwardness of silence was probably singed into your memory banks somewhere back in junior high at a class dance. Boy sees girl sitting alone at a class dance. Boy nervously asks girl “wanna dance?” Girl says anxiously, “sure.” Boy and girl dance never looking at each other or saying a word. The music stops so boy walks girl back to her chair, and sits down next to her. Boy fiddles with his shoestrings not sure about what to say or do. Girl fidgets with her hair not […]

How to move a no to a yes

How to Move a No to a Yes!

Let’s face it…there are only a handful of reasons why buyers don’t buy…. No Trust No Money No Time No Urgency No Need HOW TO MOVE A NO TO YES! What is the buyer really saying “no” too? How you frame your question could be one reason why your getting a “NO” response. You see there is a psychology to selling and words matter. Are you selling to your needs or to the buyers needs? AND . Whenever you’re offering a “change” the buyer always processes that as CHANGE PAIN! The thoughts tumbling around in their brain sounds like this…. “I don’t know this guy or his company” “It may not workout which will cause the company loss in revenue.” “I don’t have time to change.” “I’ve seen this rodeo before.” “We’ll have to get others on board, and that’s not easy.” So the prospects “automatic response” to you is… “I’m happy with my current vendor.” Here’s how to answer Miss Buyer. “Miss Buyer, I’m glad you’re happy. Wouldn’t you agree in business, it’s good to have options.”? Usually, you’ll receive a “yes’ response…Then follow with, “That’s all I’m really offering to you.” Understand this… Do these two things to ease the Change Pain. Empathize […]


The Critical Follow Up Window of Opportunity

You’re sitting in front of the prospect closing the deal and he throws the ‘ol “I need to think about it” objection. What’s your typical response? “Let’s talk about it. Perhaps I can answer your concerns now?” And the prospect states the same objection again, “I just need to mull it over. I never say yes right away.” What do you say? Here’s what I hear back from well intention sales people….. “Christine….When should I follow up? Should I give the prospect a week, two weeks?” The answer is NO… There’s a critical follow up window of opportunity, and following up after a week or two…well…you’ve lost the sale. Selling is tempering the buyers’ battle between emotion and logic. The buyer’s objections are speaking through his logical mind, BUT he buys from his emotional mind. There’s an internal tug of war going on inside of him between his logical mind and emotional mind. What side wins is determined by your follow up window of opportunity. The Critical Follow Up Window of Opportunity The answer is you have less than 48 hours to follow up. That’s right…two days. Every hour after you’ve left the prospects office, the emotional mind diffuses and […]


3 Lessons I Wish I Knew When I First Started Selling

My first sales job was back in 1982. And 34 years later… I’ve learned a few things…a few lessons I wish I knew when I first started selling. In this article, I’d like to share with you those lessons so hopefully, you can avoid making the same mistakes I made in the beginning. 3 Lessons I Wish I Knew When I First Started Selling. Lesson #1 Sales Training Never Ends! After my initial sales training, back in 1982, I thought I knew it all! And when I became moderately successful at sales, I thought I had arrived! Boy….big mistake. Sales training never ends! To avoid the same mistake, let me invite you to do what I do now…I read one sales book each month. And I have a few favorites that I’ve read over and over… Zig Ziglar’s Over the Top Jeb Blount’s Fanatical Prospecting Many sales pro’s fall into the trap of getting into the groove of selling and thinking…. “If it ain’t broke why fix it?”    My answer is…“When you stop learning, you stop growing.”  If you want to push to the next level of achievement in your sales career, keep educating yourself in order to grow. The […]


3 Clever Tips the Sales Pro’s Use for Successful Cold Call Follow Up

One of the most courageous and…let’s face it…insane things you do as a sales pro is make cold calls. At least…cold calling can feel insane at times. Why is it insane? Because you’re trying to have a meaningful, professional conversation with a total stranger…over the phone. You’ve interrupted his busy day, so you have 5 seconds to make a great impression that will cause him to want to listen further… Yeah..that’s insane. Some of you sit in a cubicle surrounded by other sales pros making call after call… Some of you sit in your home office all alone with a cat staring at you wondering when it’s dinner time. That last part would be me…and the cat is called Kitten (she has a mean stare!)     And still some of you are road warriors making cold calls in between appointments. No matter your situation…cold calling is necessary.. still.. in today’s market place. Others will tell you it’s not….listen to their advice and you will starve. You may be asking yourself…Why the focus on cold calls follow up? Because, my guess is your cold calling numbers are close to mine…out of 100 dials, you’ll only get through to about 12% […]

How to Increase Your Pipeline Easily

How To Increase Your PipeLine….Easily!

REFERRALS…UGH! Oh wait! I have a tip for you! Keep reading because I’m super excited to share this strategy. I’ve been using it and have had incredible results… so I had to share it with you all! Let’s face it…everyday as a sales pro you’re looking for ways, leads, advantages to fill your pipeline..to keep it flowing with opportunities. Am I right? Do I have a tip for you! This is not my idea, so I want to give credit where credit is due. It was shown to me by Marc Barnes, a Regional Director with Combined WorkSite Solutions. It’s a referral strategy that will keep your pipeline full and flowing..there is a catch though. You gotta do it! This post is about How to Increase Your Pipeline….Easily!  Let’s get started. If you’re a follower, you know I preach about not asking prospects or new clients for referrals. As a matter of fact, save yourself the embarrassment…don’t ask. Why? Because prospects and new clients know nothing about you or your products.They have no experience with you or your company..that’s why they’re reluctant to give out referrals. Seriously…would you refer someone to your business clients, family or friends that you barely know? We […]



There were times I struggled to understand how to have a friendly business relationship without crossing the line into a personal friendship. Some experts told me to treat prospects like cultivating a friendship, and others said keep is strictly professional. One sales manager told me, when making sales calls, NEVER ask a prospect anything of a personal nature…NEVER! Wow…was I confused! In my video…”DO you Suffer from Buddy Syndrome” I talked about what happens when you cross the line from a friendly business relationship into a personal relationship….If you missed the video and the article you can watch here and read here. In this article, I’ll give you tips on how to straddle that line so you don’t lose your prospect….. The DO’s and DON’TS of Cultivating Prospects! Ok…so you may be thinking your prospect isn’t buying because you’re now his buddy. Over and over we’ve heard, people want to do business with their friends not stuffy professionals. And while this is true, you still must maintain a business relationship in order for your prospect to move forward as a client. There is a fine line, especially in the beginning of a business relationship. The truth is when people see you as a […]

How to persuade buyers to buy

How to Persuade Buyers to Buy. There’s a Video too!

One of the most important lessons you can learn about how to persuade buyers to buy is this: There are only two things that matter: 1. Are you talking to the right person? 2. Are you talking to them in the right way? Here’s an example… A business selling discounted couture clothing began a small website but started to take off in a big way. Each day they’d feature new deals as a way to help their fashionista readers save big. And the community grew. It grew real big. And it became so popular they snagged an unbelievable book deal. They got their book published, and they announced their book to their readers. And guess what? Very few people bought it. WHY? Well… They spent YEARS conditioning their fashionista readers to be cheap. They spent years teaching people how to not spend money on couture clothes. So, naturally, when it came time to ask them to spend, they came up with one million reasons why they shouldn’t spend anything. WHY? That’s because they were talking to the wrong people. Look at your situation…could you be possibly talking to the wrong people too? Could you company be giving away too many deals, […]

3 Clues You Suffer from Buddy Syndrome!

Help! I have Buddy Syndrome!

Help! I Have Buddy Syndrome! The worst place you can find yourself with a prospect is the Twilight Zone of Buddy Syndrome. It’s confusing. It’s frustrating. And as a sales rep or business owner it can leave you flat broke. Hopefully, you’re not making this mistake….Let me explain. When you’re dating and you meet the person of your dreams, the worst possible thing they can say to you is “Let’s BE Friends” Heartbreaking! In business, I see the same thing happen ALL THE TIME! And it happened to me too. Sales reps say things that put them in the category of “friends” by the prospect. Before you know it…you’re suffering from Buddy Syndrome. So how do you know if your prospects have put you in the “friend” category? What are the signs? Here are Clues to determine if you’re suffering from Buddy Syndrome. Have you hit it off with the prospect, found common interest and felt like there’s a rapport but when it’s time to buy, they’ve gone underground? They no longer take your calls or answer your emails? Have you ever “courted” the prospect, dinner, ballgame, theater tickets and when it’s time to ask for the sale, they seemed […]

Sell By Design Part Two (1)

Sell By Design-Savvy Awareness

I don’t know if you read your local news lately, but did you hear about the fight that broke out at Red Lobster? Yeah..two fish were battered! (My poor attempt at a joke!) Sell By Design Savvy Awareness There’s two parts of savvy awareness in sales…and it’s has nothing to do with two battered fish! I promise! Let’s begin with the two different types of “savvy “awareness” that’s necessary for closing a sale. In the first post and video we talked about the analysis of the needs and wants…If you missed it you can read it here. The first part of savvy awareness is about identifying one or more specific needs, the sales person…YOU must articulate the needs back to the buyer. Savvy Sales Clue: Many sales people make the mistake of assuming they know all the buyers needs. Articulating back to the buyer will gain acceptance and uncover more needs.  The second part of savvy awareness is the buyer must understand and agree with you on their specific needs. This requires active listening on your part and the prospects because the light bulb must go on in your mind in order for you to understand, then articulate the need to the prospect. Now…I […]